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Providing Professional Trainings and R&D 

We provide various trainings based on our experts’ professions in national and international projects. We work with young people, youth and adults from various folks of life and try to provide professional trainings in planned concepts, courses and projects such as in tecnology areas of cybersecurity, blockchain, data management, cloud computing and more, along with educational areas. 


Partnership Building


We believe we can achieve greater long-term change by working with others, so partnerships are central to our company’s development approach. We deliver our life-changing programmes by working with local, national and international partners bringing together our global expertise with hands-on knowledge of the technological, educational and social contexts. We coordinate with government, academic and industry partners to built on existing successful programs, facilitate change and innovation and bring leadership and vision to increase the number of skilled Young, Youth and Adult professionals. 

Local, national and international partners could be Non-Governmental Oganisations (NGOs), Disabled Peoples Organisations (DPOs), universities, schools, social advocacy groups, hospitals, churches or government departments. They may be small local organisations, or large international development organisations.

A Rights Based Approach 

We passionately believe that all people are equal and people with NEETs, vulnerabilities, from socially and educationally disadvataged environments and people with disabilities have often been seen as passive recipients of aid, reduced to their impairment-related health needs.Therefore we are committed to a human rights-based approach to disabilities and inequalities. 

We believe that people with disabilities should participate in all spheres of society on an equal basis with their non-disabled peers.

We seek to involve people with disability in all stages in our programmes – planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, ensuring they have the very greatest impact on lives.

Disability-Inclusive Development


We are committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are included and involved in all development activities where our disability-specific team of experts support the participation and self-empowerment of people with disabilities.

 We support other agencies to mainstream disability by removing the barriers faced by disabled people through the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development policies and programmes.